Stickhandling - Six Recommendations

"Srictly Stickhandling" is a high energy, fast moving 2 hour a day session offered 5 days a week. Strictly Stickhandling totally focuses on mastering stickhandling maneuvers.

All the drills and exercises are taught in a progressive step by step approach that makes it easy to learn regardless of your skill level.


The first 90 minutes are totally dedicated to the development and mastery of the stickhandling fakes and moves.
The last 20 minutes you will assemble all the skills that you have learned so far and apply them during real game conditions.

While half the students are working on their moves and passing skills during the 4 on 4 cross ice scrimmages, the other half are rehearsing and sharpening the mechanics of their moves at center ice.

The 4 on 4 and full ice scrimmages provide the students with the opportunity to apply their stickhandling moves, passing and pass receiving skills while they gain confidence in their creative abilities. Each student will receive a report card at the end of the scrimmage on Friday.

We, at Turcotte Stickhandling, are proud and very excited to present "Strictly Stickhandling" with its total focus on developing stickhandling skills. Join the family of skilled players and reach your goal.


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