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Austin began playing hockey at seven years old, much later than most other players.  From the first year he stepped on the ice, we put him into the Turcotte Hockey School.  I believed that one of the keys to becoming a better player was to build confidence by handling the puck.  The only place we felt was going to provide the best level of teaching and skill development was Turcotte Hockey School.  Although many other schools claim to have the staff, resources, and techniques to teach puck handling, only Turcotte has proven it for over four decades.

Austin just completed his third year of hockey and will be attending his 9th Turcotte session this summer.  He absolutely loves attending the schools and getting his report card at the end of the week to compare how he has progressed from previous sessions.  One of the benefits that I have witnessed is that he is able to read the plays in front of him and make better decisions because he is not struggling to control the puck.  I attribute this to the puck handling skills he has acquired.  He still has a ways to go, but he has been able to close the player gap after each summer he spends at the school

Thank you to the Turcotte Stickhandling Hockey School for the great job you do!

Lou Melone
Austin's Dad


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