The Complete Approach to Stickhandling

This 3 hour session is for the serious student who wants the complete development of his hockey skills. This session will focus on developing your stickhandling moves and at the same time working on your "skating" , "shooting", and your "team skills".


The first 90 minutes are totally dedicated to the development and mastery of the stickhandling fakes and moves.
An ice resurfacing and a short 10 minute break for the students will take place at the end of the stickhandling segment.
Upon your return, the next 20 minutes will be used for "Skill Skating"defined as skating maneuvers needed to fully develop your stickhandling skills and your creativity.
The following 25 minutes are focused on Individual Tactics or Team Skills such as:
  • Creating game situations to apply your stickhandling moves.
  • Learning how to protect the puck.
  • Learning the proper body checking techniques.
  • Learning and applying the different shooting techniques for the wrist, snap, backhand and slap shot.
The last 20 minutes you will assemble all the skills that you have learned so far and apply them during real game conditions.


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