How to Improve Six Recommendations.
Parent/Athlete Concussion Info Sheet A concussion is a brain injury that changes how the brain normally works.
Why Choose Turcotte? Why Turcotte Hockey can benefit you as a player.
Congratulations Alex Turcotte!
Congratulations Alex Turcotte! Congratulations to Alex Turcotte for winning the scoring title at the 16U level of the High Performance Hockey League (HPHL).  Alex has been a Turcotte Stickhandling student for the past several summers.  We are very proud of him! This shows how hard work and dedication pays off!
New Advanced Sessions!!
New Advanced Sessions!! For years our clients have requested this advanced class which will cover the 16 advanced moves.  Only students that have completed our holiday or summer programs qualify to attend this advanced session, because the 16 advanced moves require good control of the 8 basic moves.
HPHL Playoffs
HPHL Playoffs Real was at the HPHL Playoffs this weekend and spent some time with Turcotte Head Instructor, Mike Nodler and David Legwand, retired NHL player and co-owner of the Sarnia Sting.  The men reminisced about the great times they all spent together.
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